It's that time again...Socktoberfest is here!  Time for a little pick-up-sticks, and this year I will be celebrating with the Through the Loops 2010 Mystery Knit Along
 This is my second year to participate in this KAL.  I had so much fun with this project last year that I couldn't wait to sign up again.  Here are my 2009 Mystery Socks...
I love them.  The picture isn't so great {taken with my iPhone right after I finished them at a cafe—oh the things my poor children have to put up with}.  But take my word for it, these socks are so pretty and so comfy.  Did I mention that I love them?
This project was full of firsts for first knit along, my first pair of of lacy-ish socks and my first time using Jitterbug sock yarn {I love this yarn—it has a nice firm twist which is perfect for sock knitting and the colorways are gorgeous, plus it has the best name for a sock yarn ever}.

If you haven't participated in a KAL like this, I highly recommend it.  It was so much fun.  One of my favorite things about this project is the mystery itself.  It's really fun knitting along following Kirsten's directions and not completely knowing where you are going to end up {it helps to know that all of the Through the Loops patterns are beautiful,  so you are pretty much guaranteed a lovely pair of socks}.  Anyway, it was a great exercise in letting go for this knitter and was just plain fun watching my socks reveal themselves.  Last October the start of each new week found me waiting eagerly for the next clue.  Once the clue was up, I had to download it immediately and get my needles clicking to see where Kirsten was taking us...really too much fun!
If you do decide to play along, there is a great forum for fans of Through the Loops—lots of photo sharing and Q&A—very helpful.
Here's a peek at my the cuff of my mystery socks...
Looks a bit hedgehog~ish in this picture.  I'm using Shibui Sock yarn.  I love the colorways {sadly looks kind of washed out here}.  This yarn is oh-so-soft, but so far am not loving it quite as much as the Jitterbug.  I'm not sure how hard-wearing these socks will be {I'm kind of hard on my socks}, but I'll be nice to them and we'll see.  I do love the design—subtle waves twisting about—quite fetching.  Two cuffs done already and me counting the days till the next clue...October 8th—The Leg!...Can't wait!

Wanna' play along? the first clue {The Cuff} here!

Happy Socktober!!!!