This little piggy...

Hello! Today I bring a little cinta pig as a feltie offering...

Who? What? Why?...well as some of you may recall, last year ourr family was fortunate enough to spend 3 months of our sabbatical in lovely Siena, Italy. It was a dream come true. Lately  I find myself daydreaming of that beautiful medieval town all decked out in her holiday finery.  Here's what Siena looked like last year...


So gorgeous.  

We spent our days soaking up the history, art, and beaurtiful scenery.  It was truly magical and I still pinch myself when I think of the loveliness of those Tuscan days.  I knew that a cinta would have to be part of this year's menagerie in honor of all the sweet memories that Siena gave us. The cinta  (cheen-ta) is a pig specific to Tuscany.  My favorite depiction of a cinta can be seen in Lorenzetti's 14th century frescoes of the Allegory of Good and Bad Government.  We've spent a good deal of time in front of these frescoes during our visits to Italy.  They are truly remarkable and a wonderful glimpse into medieval life.



Can you see him there trudging up the hill amidst the flourishing countryside and the industrious people prospering in this glimpse of good government?  You will notice after a bit of time in Siena and the surrounding towns that these little cinta pigs are tucked into the corners of many frescoes and paintings.  If you ever travel to the region with little kids in tow you will find that a game of I spy the cinta will give you many more minutes of peaceful museum viewing.  The lad was a champ at this game and could find them in the most unexpected places.

Here is my not-quite-up-to-snuff homage to the darling (and dare I say it, delicious) cinta... 


Not perfect for sure, but a success by and large.  The lad and the mister recognized cinta immediately and there might even have been a little squeal of joy when he was first discovered in stocking number 12 ~~ music to a feltie mama's ears.  


By the way, his front trotters should really be white.  Cinta pigs have that fabulous white belt and most often have white stockings to match...such fashion plates.  Sadly, my white roving is trapped behind a wall of furniture and boxes and I just managed to find enough for his white belt in with my leftovers from last year.  We are in the middle of some home reno and everything is topsy-turvy for the time being.  I figure once I can access those boxes I will do a little front leg-ectomy and perform a double trotter transplant.  Who knew that surgery would be part of this feltie journey?   

Anyway, that's all for now. Stay warm and well!