Meeting Mrs.Duncan...

12, twelve, TWELVE!!!!  Can you believe it?!!!  I can't quite believe it. 

I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Duncan... 


Some of you may recognize her.  No?...Here's a hint.  Mrs. Duncan is mom to Sylvester.  You know Sylvester, from William Steig's wonderful children's book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.  If you don't know this book, you should really check it out. I was introduced to this book by my husband. He loved it as a child and all three of our kids have loved it as well. It's a really wonderful story, poignant and dear, uplifting and hopeful. I love it. 

So Sylvester's mom... 


A lovely  and loving lady, and a perfect companion on this twelfth day of advent.


And now this.  I thought some of you might enjoy seeing a process shot.  


She looks a little mannerist here and she hadn't completely decided who she wanted to be yet. That emerged just a few minutes after this shot was taken. Funny how that happens, but it does, almost all the time. There is a general direction and then the piece seems to make its will known. Strange. I know. But. True.

I'm really teaching myself as I go here. I am a total novice and am in no way a needle felting expert. I am leaning as I go though.  Mrs Duncan is my first feltie with an armature and this site has a great video tutorial on making them. Sarafina Fiber Art~~truly a great resource. 

Anyway, thats all for now.  Onward! 



ps~I've had a couple of questions about her clothes. They are fashioned and repurposed from swatches from previous knitting designs~ upcycling at its best!