Knit wit...

Happy sixth day of advent! Today's feltie is for all of my knitting friends out there.  It's that time of year when the needles are furiously clicking, when all of the projects we are dreaming of making and giving this holiday season still seem possible.  If you are me soon reality will dawn and it will become painfully apparent that it might be a tad unrealistic to get sweaters made for all of my loved ones in 19 days...but hats!...surely hats are possible, right?  Now is the moment when I am wishing desperately for another pair of hands. So...


You can imagine how thrilled I was when this little lady jumped from my felting needles and into the stocking for day six.  


She's very industrious, this one. No idling here...


And just in time.  Now surely, sweaters for everyone!

Happy holiday making to you.  And to my knitting friends, may your needles fly like the wind and your stitches stay where they belong.  Happy weekend everyone!